Black Magic Cemetery Cake

I know everyone and their mama is posting cemetery cakes right now, but I thought, "Hey. That looks like fun." So I made one, and ate tasty snacks in the process. This cake uses my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe. It's Hershey's Black Magic Cake, which is kinda fitting. I've seen it on the internet a million times, but I first saw it in my grandmother's recipe collection. It's just the softest, chocolatiest cake I've ever had. Originally I bought some Oreos just to crush them up and use them as the dirt on top of the cake, but I made more than I was going to need. So I threw the extra 1/2 cup of Oreo crumbs into the cake batter. Will definitely be doing that again! For the tombstones on this cake, I used Milanos dipped in gray candy melts. Actually I already had some white candy melts and black food coloring. But food coloring doesn't really mix into candy melts very well. Instead of turning completely gray, the food coloring didn't completely mix in and gave it more ... read more

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Spiced Coconut Rum & Apple Cider Cocktail + a Giveaway!

I need you guys to help me come up with a good name for these. I don't know what to call them! Cocktails are more fun when they have an official name. Not just the ingredients listed out in the title. But these are pretty tasty, no matter what the name is. They're perfect for fall, football games, cool evenings and tailgates. These cocktails are made with Blue Chair Bay's Spiced Coconut Rum. I know. I love coconut rum. It's one of my favorite things. I just want to put that stuff in everything. ... read more