Travel: A Weekend in Athens

On Friday after work, Meredith and I packed our bags and road tripped it over to Athens, Georgia to visit our fellow Birmingham Bloggers co-founder, Molly! She got married and moved there back in October, and it was about time we visited her. Meredith and I had never been to Athens, so we were doubly excited to check it out.

The first night we stayed up late talking, catching up, and planning blog things. As you do. But on Saturday we wasted NO time (we slept in) checking out the food scene. First we went to a great Mexican place for lunch. Hole in the wall Mexican places are the best, and Cali n’ Titos was no exception.

After lunch we drove into downtown and spent the afternoon exploring. Coffee was and always is necessary, as is photographing it.

We tried to talk Molly into being a fashion blogger for a day while Meredith and I attempted to be fashion photographers, but it was a little cold and windy. I am not a fashion blogger by any means, although Molly pulled it off in her cute peplum jacket, blanket scarf, and Kendra Scott ring.

Molly also has this awesome cat named Zoe. She sat on this little stack of books all weekend and even fell off of it once. I’ve never seen so much spunk and sass in one cat before.

Here she is plotting to overthrow our cupcake baking session.

On Saturday when we were driving into town, Molly casually mentioned Trader Joe’s and I think I might have lost my cool for a minute. There isn’t a single Trader Joe’s in the entire state of Alabama, they finally announced that we’re getting one, and it doesn’t open until LATE 2015. So we stocked up on cookie butter. (I got one of each.)

When having a girls weekend, wine and cheese plates are absolutely required. And then you go out and get fancy cocktails.

We had planned on trying a little more upscale restaurant for dinner on Saturday, and when we finally got all dolled up and picked a place, it was booked. I know Athens is right up on UGA’s campus, but I don’t think it occurred to any of us that it might be formal night for the sororities and fraternities.

We finally found a place that had less than an hour wait, and oh man was it an excellent choice. If you’re ever in Athens and want some good southern food that is a little bit on the fancy side, definitely check out South Kitchen + Bar. I think it’s kind of a newer restaurant, but it’s in this cool old building with stained glass windows, sparkly chandeliers, delicious cocktails, duck fat tater tots, truffled mac and cheese, grilled orange blossom and honey glazed chicken, I could just keep on keepin’ on.

All you need to know about this picture, other than the fact that these tater tots were consumed in about five minutes, is that they were served with a cranberry dip and bacon ranch.

You have to do brunch when you’re on vacation, so we met up with two other local Athens bloggers, Jenny and Elizabeth. At The Pine, they have a brunch menu that is just called “Biscuit Brunch,” which doesn’t need much explanation. Pimiento cheese grits and mimosas also happened.

Also because of all the cookie butter, cupcakes happened. We’ll all be sharing the recipe for these later this week!

We stopped in Atlanta on the way back to Birmingham for Lush bath bombs, more cupcakes, and dinner at True Kitchen.

Tomorrow, I will be at the gym.

I really enjoyed Athens, getting away for the weekend, and visiting with great friends. I really don’t travel that often, and one definite take away from this trip is that I must do more of it. Even if it’s just a few hours away.

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