Banana Butterscotch Bourbon Pie

This might be the fanciest pie I’ve ever made. I mean, there’s meringue on it. Yeah. Fancy.

Honestly, I’m not that much of a banana fan. I think I used to like them a lot more when I was a kid. But there’s also bourbon in this pie, so it’s okay.


I originally got the idea for this pie after stumbling across this Butterscotch Banana Pudding Pie at work. Have you ever seen a recipe somewhere and immediately thought, Hey, this would also be good with this ingredient and that ingredient. Sometimes this happens to me.

This pie has a Vanilla Wafer crust, a layer of sliced bananas, creamy butterscotch filling, a layer of whole Vanilla Wafers, more yummy butterscotch filling, and fluffy meringue. The butterscotch filling is so good by itself, I almost wanted to just fill a pie crust with it instead and dive right in. As for the bourbon, I added some to the crust, filling, and meringue. So basically all of it. There actually isn’t much bourbon because I was afraid it would be too strong. But there’s just a slight hint of it, so you can definitely add a little more if you decide to give this pie a try.


I’m super excited to share this pie with you! Because I adapted a recipe I found at work, I decided to post the recipe on the blog! So if you want to see the recipe, you can check it out here! Maybe, if you want, you can leave me a comment, too 🙂

I know this is a short post, so hopefully my next one will be longer! New things soon, though!

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