DIY Funfetti Candles

***FYI, many people have commented and said this DIY does not work for them. I’m currently trying to come up with another way to make it, and when I do, I will update this post.***


I know. You can’t eat these. But I’ve been wanting to do a DIY post for forever and I finally felt like being crafty a couple weekends ago.

Each Christmas, everyone on my dad’s side of the family has a big get-together at my grandma’s house. My cousin and his girlfriend gave everyone lavender mason jar candles and I was so impressed with them! My mom opened hers first, and I’m pretty sure I said, “I’m going to steal that from you.” Then I opened some of my presents and saw that I had one too! So I asked her how she made them, looked up a couple different versions, and then decided to make my own! And they really do smell like cupcakes. :)

They’re pretty easy and you can buy all the supplies at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or probably most craft stores. I used mason jars, but you can make these in any glass jars or cups you want or have at home already. Also, you can use wax from old or un-used candles that you already have. You need about 2 cups of melted wax for one mason jar though, so you would need tons of old candles. Or you can buy soy wax flakes, which is what I did. All the supplies are relatively cheap, except for the wax flakes, which were $8. And 1 lb of wax flakes only makes two pint-sized mason jar candles, so I think when I make these again, I’ll use smaller jars. Or more wax from old, broken or un-used candles I already have.

What you need:

2 pint-sized (16oz) mason jars
Pre-waxed wicks (I got a pack of 6, with the attachment already on the ends)
Hot glue gun
Pencils, pens, or something similar to hold the wicks in place
2-3 tbsp water
1-2 tbsp corn syrup
A small paintbrush or cloth
1/2 cup rainbow jimmies (or similar colorful sprinkles)
1 lb soy wax flakes (or old candles if using smaller jars)
Cupcake scented wax cubes (Also found at Michael’s)
Measuring cup with spout

So you’ve got your jars and wicks.

And you’re going to hot glue the wick attachments to the bottom of the jars.

Then in a bowl, mix corn syrup and water. Start with just one of the jars, and coat the inside with the corn syrup mixture. First I tried using a folded paper towel, but couldn’t really reach the bottom. You don’t need to coat the actual bottom of the jar, but a small paintbrush helped get the lower part.

Holding the jar horizontally, add a spoonful of sprinkles and slowly roll the jar so they’ll slide around and stick to the inside. Add another spoonful and repeat until the inside is completely covered. The paint brush will come in handy if there are any spot where the sprinkles don’t stick.

Repeat with the second jar.



Lay a pen or pencil across the tops of the jars and tape the wicks to them to keep the wicks centered.

Using a double boiler, or a make-shift one with a pot and heat-proof bowl (which is what I did – fill a pot half-full with water, bring to a simmer, and set metal bowl on top), melt the wax flakes and 3 or 4 of the scent cubes. I only used three and am planning on using the other 3 when I make these candles again. But you can use more or all of them for a stronger scent if you want.

You can attempt to pour the melted wax out of the bowl and into the jars, but I knew that would be a disaster for me. So I poured two cups of melted wax into a measuring cup with a spout. Leave the rest of the melted wax in the bowl over simmering water.

Pour the wax slowly into a jar. Try to pour it directly into the center and away from the sides.

Repeat with the rest of the wax and the other jar.

Some of the sprinkles will fall off and sink to the bottom, but that’s okay. (Just stop burning the candle when it gets to that point.) I put my mason jars immediately in the freezer so they’d firm up faster and prevent too many of the sprinkles from falling off. Freeze for 3-4 hours.

Once wax has set and is completely solid, you’re good to go!


  1. says

    Okay I saw these on ig and I though it was a milkshake! Haha. Looks like so much fun to make and pinning on my xmas board for next year, I can also think of a few friends these would make great bday gifts for.

  2. says

    I love diy/craft projects that involve sprinkles and anything cupcake related! This looks very easy to do and inexpensive. Great project!

    • says

      Thanks, Raynata! The only expensive thing was the 1 lb bag of wax flakes. It would be even cheaper with wax from candles just laying around the house. :)

  3. says

    Okay, these are so freakin’ cool!!! I am sooo trying this next year for Christmas gifts – I’ve been moving to homemade gifts for hard to shop for family members and these would be awesome : ) And the sprinkles – I die. So fun!!

    • says

      Thanks, Krystle! I was surprised at how expensive a pound of wax flakes is, but you get two candles this size out of it, so it’s not too bad. :) Thanks for pinning!

  4. Barbara Wilde says

    Hey, I’m diabetic, can’t do the sprinkles! (Just kidding!) I am wondering if the bag of lavender dried flowers I’ve had since I got the great idea to make sachets out of them would work the same, by sticking them to the sides? I’ve still got most of the dried lavender flowers. I also have a bottle of lavender essential oil. I know the essential oil would work, but I don’t know how to do the flowers.

    • says

      Hi, Barbara! I think dried lavender flowers would look lovely in a candle! I’m not sure about sticking them to the inside of the jar, though. Sprinkles stick to wet surfaces, so that was kind of easy. Corn syrup helped them stick more, but even then I had a little problem with the sprinkles sinking to the bottom after I added the melted wax. I think you might need to use something stronger for the flowers. An adhesive might look weird sprayed on the inside of the jar, but you could try it. I’d let it all completely dry before pouring the melted wax in though. Let me know how it goes if you try it!

  5. jana says

    You know, these cuties would be a lot cheaper if you used the 50% off coupons that come in the paper or by email from the craft stores! Just a thought for reducing the cost to make them. They are sooo cute!

  6. Cas says

    Greetings from across the pond! Love these struggling to find wax cubes though would wax melts or tarts work? Cas x

    • says

      Hi, Cas! Are you referring to the wax flakes or the scented wax cubes? I’m sure wax melts or tarts would work in place of wax flakes. Or if you’re referring to the scented wax cubes, any scented candle oil would work. This is the first time I’ve made a candle, so I’m afraid I don’t know all that much about it, haha.

  7. Cari says

    I love this idea!! I made these today and was a little disappointed to find that the flakes only made 1 and a half candles. Do you have any tips? Also, the craft store was out of prewaxed wicks, so I used the wooden ones instead!

    • says

      Hi, Cari! I mention above in my blog post that it only makes 2 candles, but I was able to get two full candles out of mine. If I make more of these, next time I will definitely use smaller jars or containers because I found the wax flakes a little too expensive to only get 2 candles out of it. I’m glad you made them though, and sorry your second candles only came out half full!

  8. brandi says

    This was way more expensive and harder than I thought. And 1 pounds of flakes only filled 1 pint sized jar. The sprinkles didn’t stay on the sides of the jar at all once I put in the melted wax.

    • says

      Hi, Brandi. I’m sorry these candles didn’t turn out the way you thought they would. I did mention above in my post that I thought the wax flakes were expensive, and that I also was disappointed that it was only enough for two candles. I was able to get two whole candles out of them, though. So I’m not sure why you only got one. I mentioned above that if I make these candles again, I’ll use smaller jars and try melting some candles I already have at home instead of buying the wax flakes. Again, I’m sorry these didn’t turn out the way you thought they would.

      • Kylie says

        My sprinkles fell off the sides of the jar as well. Now I have a brown/green candle. At least it smells good. Beth, how did your sprinkles not melt? The wax is hot and the sprinkles are made of sugar correct?

  9. says

    While I can say I love the sprinkles and think they are sweet, I was thinking if you have the seasonal sprinkles (like small pumpkins at Halloween or hearts during valentines day) you could make candles for every occasion!

    • says

      Brooke – I’ve been wanting to experiment with some other adhesives, but haven’t had the chance yet. I’m hoping to find a better way! I’ll update this post when I do, though.

      • S. Gail says

        I am going to try and make these with the sprinkles, but I am going to use mod podge so that they still to the jar, and then I will put a votive candle in a votive jar…I have been using mod podge and using a foam brush to cover the whole inside of the jar, then I have been using colored glitter, pouring it in the jar, and swish it all around the whole inside, and they really sparkle when you put either a tea light or votive in the jar…

  10. Nancy K. Cornett says

    I agree with all these folks, great project. I happened to see that Amazon sells an 11lb. Box of soy flakes for candle making for $18.99 and the shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime. I could make a lot of candles with that much soy.

  11. says

    It will take a little more time but you could lay the jar on its side and spoon the wax in…when it hardens do another side. After all the sides harden add wick then fill jar. This would also be good for flowers or Sweet Hearts ect.

  12. Peg says

    just finished making. LOVE~ the corn syrup worked good and i forgot to add water. and was in too much of a hurry to wait for containers to freeze. only left in freezer as the wax was melting in pan,worked fine. i also didn’t strive for perfection,thicker in some spots~~~oops :) Thank you~~~great idea!

    I’ve made lots of candles ,but never thought to use scent melts~ great idea!

  13. Eliza says

    What about grating cheap white candles from the dollar shop? Tis a cheap alternative to the soy wax flakes

  14. Thierry says

    The idea of flowers in the jar is a fire risk. When the candle burns down, the wax will melt around the outside, and the lavender could touch flame and voila burning flowers and wax. Just a friendly warning! (I speak from experience!)

  15. Cat says

    Love these candles!! I just tried to make some and every single sprinkle sunk to the bottom not a single one stuck to the sides even after only being in the freezer for 10 minutes! do you have any suggestions or tips on how to make it stick better maybe I had the wax to hot when I poured or something id love to hear back!! thank you!

  16. Melissa Dailey says


    I was just wondering where you got these jars without a pattern on them?


  17. Tiffany says

    I’ve been making candles for Christmas using this recipe. The only problem I’m coming across is when they harden, it leaves a hole in the top. Every time, wondering if this happened to you and how you corrected it.thank you,

    • says

      Tiffany, so glad you’re making these for Christmas! This sort of happened to me, but it was mostly just little cracks. I did read somewhere that you can fill the hole or cracks with more melted wax. I haven’t tried this, but I would wait until the wax in the candle has cooled completely, and then use something with a small nozzle or spout to pour melted wax into the hole. I hope this helps!

  18. rachel silva says

    I am not a crafty person at all but I want to be and this looks so easy and fun I’m gonna definitely try this … Thank you

  19. Heather says

    Love this idea – going to use 4 oz jars and make as parent volunteer thank you gifts for my Kindergarten Classroom! I wonder if the people whose candles didn’t fill all the way cooked their wax too long? After all it’s made to evaporate! I’ll let you know how they come out…

  20. Sabryna says

    So my sprinkles stuck great and my candle looked amazing but after a day the color on the sprinkles all melted off into a brown goo around the outside… ick! soooo I guess its important not to add too much corn-syrup…trying again tonight!

  21. Sabryna says

    This was my solution to the high cost of wax flakes and jars. You just pour boiling water on top of a candle then you can remove the wax from the jar after a few minutes. After coating with sprinkles just re insert the wick, melt the wax, pour it back in and voila. You can even add color or scents too.

  22. Greta says

    Did you ever think about buying pillar candles at the dollar store then melting them down to use? Might be a cheaper way than the flakes! Cute idea! The little silver or gold bebe sprinkles would look really cool as well!

  23. Carla says

    Thank you for posting! Five of my friends and I have our birthdays within two months of each other and I needed something pretty quick/cheap/easy to get for them…they’re not really the ones to get excited about store bought gifts :)

    I used your wonderful recipe, with a few additions/substitutions:
    Coffee cups/drink glasses are great/serve double purpose for candle and drink holder(great for my non wasteful friends)
    Minus cloth wick/ add wooden wick
    Minus wax scent/plus liquid scent, half of my batch had a liquid vial from Michaels, half had essential oils
    Minus sprinkles/add glitter
    Add coloring (beautiful purple)

    They look like most came out pretty well, I’m concerned about two:one cracked and the other it froze weirdly.

    I’m super excited, defects and all, that I have a great hand made gift for my friends, home made for under $8 a piece.

    I estimate it took about 1 hour to make 5 candles and it could probably go much faster after some practice!

    Thank you, Beth, for the post, it was most helpful!

  24. Brenda says

    Dried flowers will burn. When making candles you cannot have anything in with them that could catch fire. As the wax burns the decorative things you have in with it could burn also.
    I love the candles, but wonder how safe it is to use the candy. When you see dried flowers etc. on or in candles, they are separated by a harder wax that won’t burn or another barrier to keep it separate, to avoid items from catching on fire.
    btw, I have been making candles for years and am only posting due to the safety factor. The candles are adorable, long way around, one could make candle sprinkles, it’d take time, but it can be done.
    Keep doing DIY projects! They’re great.

  25. Anthony says

    This is super awesome! I found it on BuzzFeed and want to try it. I saw you mention that you were shocked at the cost of the soy wax flakes but I found them on amazon for a mere $13 for 5lbs (or other quantities for more/less). You could get really creative and come up with your one fragrances if you get various scent cubes.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Phoenix gets hot in the summer months and I needed a fun inside project — I’m gonna have candles coming out my wazoo! lol

  26. soph says

    I made these today, my sprinkles all stayed on the sides!

    I put a tiny bit of water, and i mean TINY bit in glucose syrup and once i put the sprinkles on i put the jars UPSIDE DOWN in the freezer for a few mins just to harden the sides.

    I’m assuming that helped maybe.

    Anyway, great diy project.

    Thanks :)

  27. Vicki Dixon says

    Thank you for sharing this idea! I didn’t have 4 mason jars, but I did have 4 small glass bowls. Celebrating 4 friends’ birthdays tonight. Thought these would be so cute to make for them. Very happy with how they turned out. Thanks again :)


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