Free Downloadable Blogger Media Kit Template

Happy Wednesday, internet friends! Today I’ve obviously got a different kind of post for you. I wanted to take a moment to talk about media kits because I had to make my first one ever recently and I wish I would have done some things differently.

A media kit is like a resume for your blog. If you want to work with brands, this will tell them everything they need to know, all in one page. It tells them about your blog, about you, your contact and social media channels, your statistics, where you’ve been featured, and brands you’ve previously worked with. Sometimes brands will ask to see this, and other times it’s a good idea to go ahead and send it with your initial email if you’re the one reaching out.

The main thing I would have done differently with my first media kit? I FORGOT MY EMAIL ADDRESS. Do not forget to include your email address, people. I was handing out actual paper copies, and I didn’t have an email, phone, or anyway for them to contact me. Surprisingly, I still had some people email me, so it wasn’t a total loss. But still. So I made sure to include a whole contact section in this one.

This is a SUPER basic media kit. I wanted to make one that was easy and not overwhelming for those who haven’t made one before. Most media kits include a photo of the blogger, maybe some more graphics, but I wanted one for people who maybe don’t know what they’re doing, need a media kit last minute, or just prefer the simple look.

how to edit:

The download is a Photoshop file, so you need to have photoshop in order to edit it. Once it has been downloaded and you’ve opened it in Photoshop, you’ll see the layers have been grouped in folders. Each folder is a different section of the media kit, so just click on the folder to expand it. Then update the text for each section to whatever you want! Save the file as a .pdf and you’re good to go!

To download the media kit, click here!

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