Lemon Meringue Doughnuts

Can we talk about crazy doughnuts for a second?

My dad and I love this show on the Cooking Channel called Unique Sweets. In case you’ve never seen it, all these chefs and pastry chefs visit the most ridiculous bakeries around the country and try all of their insane baked goods. While they feature bakeries of all kinds, there are a LOT of doughnuts on that show. A. Lot.

I made these doughnuts about the same time I made the Funfetti Hi-Hat Cupcakes I shared on Monday, and I’ve been dying to show you these ever since! I was trying to think crazy doughnuts I could make, and visions of doughnuts covered in toasty meringue and filled with lemony goodness totally came to me.

When I made these, I had never made homemade doughnuts before. I tried them two ways: homemade dough, and refrigerated buttermilk biscuit dough.

My homemade doughnuts? Totally ugly. Haha:) It’s true though. They weren’t smooth and were actually kind of bumpy looking? Um, yeah.

But I was going to cover them in meringue, so that was fine. Then I wanted to try the biscuit version just because I’ve seen it on the interwebz a few times, and my mom said my grandma used to make them that way all the time.

The verdict: both very tasty! I mean, they’re doughnuts. But because the biscuit dough was already perfectly formed, those did end up looking better.

As for the filling, I was torn between a lemon cream filling and just using lemon curd. Since that’s what’s in actual Lemon Meringue Pie. Eventually I went with lemon curd and it was totally the right call. Although I’m now dying to try them with a lemon pastry cream filling as well!

You know, now that I’m revisiting these donuts after a couple months, I really want to make some doughnuts again.



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    I remember watching that show once at a friend’s house and wrote down so many donut recipes on my phone. The lemon filling sounds delicious!!!

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    1) HOW have I never seen Unique Sweets?!?! Talk about baking inspiration. Going to set the recording ASAP.
    2) I just commented on how beautiful these were over on Best Friends for Frosting, but I had to come sing my praises to you too. They look SOOO good!


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    Yay for donuts! These look and sound awesome! I’ve only made baked donut holes before but never regular donuts! Which is kinda crazy! haha

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    How wonderful and creative is this, Beth! I adore lemon anything!!! Truly! I have never had a lemon meringue pie though…but by seeing this donut i’m thoroughly convinced i’m missing out! Must try recipe right here. You’re awesome, thanks dear :)

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    I love that show too! These sound so good. I just tried the pie for my first time last month, and I realllly want one of these donuts now!

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    Ok so I’m kind of obsessed with the show Unique Sweets. Please tell me you saw the episode where they made doughnut ice cream sandwiches, I mouth almost dropped to the ground when I saw it, I must go there!! These Lemon Meringue Doughnuts looks fabulous! I love filled doughnuts and even better when there is delicious toasty meringue on top! Pinned!


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