The One with the Dip

Hi, internet friends! I realize it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a recipe, but I’ve got a pretty good reason. Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes recently!

1. The biggest thing happening in my life right now is that I’m moving! I’m beyond excited to have my very own place to myself, but I’m getting pretty tired of having all my things split between two apartments. Can’t wait to get all moved in! Plus, I’m going to have a prop closet. Eeek! 🙂

2. Over the weekend, I participated in the Race for the Cure for the first time. I’m typically not a marathon person because I’m surprisingly terrible at running, but my mom got a group together with some of her work friends and they let me tag along!

3. Last week, some of my friends and I got together for family dinner night. Completely made up of dips. Each one of us brought a different dip, plus chips, and filled up our plates. And for dessert, I made s’mores dip. Someone else also brought a cookie dough dip, but I sadly didn’t snap a photo of it.

4. It is finally pretty chilly in Alabama, at least in the mornings and at night. It is very, very exciting, people. I finally got to dig my leaf bag full of boots out of the back of my closet.

5. I’ve been doing a little bit of freelance work with, where I worked right out of college. Check out what I’ve made so far! [One. Two. Three. Four. Five.]


6. I am so sad I haven’t made nearly as many Halloween treats as I wanted to. Hopefully after I’ve finished moving this weekend, and all my baking and photography stuff are in the same apartment, I can squeeze in a couple. 😉

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  • So exciting that you’re moving!! 🙂 I cannot wait to see photos of that prop closet! I’m so jealous. All my props are precariously placed on a bookshelf that has way too much on it, haha. Love the pink fountain, and a party of DIPS?! Can I join your friend group? That’s my kind of party 🙂

  • You may not have posted a receipe recently but you sure have been busy! You will love having room for all of your props and a real kitchen!

  • I hope you get all settled in soon! Moving is always so exciting but I hate the actual moving of the stuff part! haha And a dinner of all dips??? That’s a fantastic idea!