Weekend Things 12/1


1. Christmas is my favorite time of year and all, BUT HOW IS IT DECEMBER ALREADY! Ugh. I feel like I just started my internship a month ago, and now it’s already half over. But on the bright side, we’re putting up the Christmas tree today!

2. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We always have dinner with my dad’s side of the family on Thanksgiving, and we went out for Thanksgiving lunch on Friday with my mom’s side of the family. We had dessert afterwards at our house. I was on pie duty both days. Here are the two I made:

Caramel Apple Cider Pie – might do a blog post on this one, but this is the only photo I got. So I might just have to make it again. ;)

Caramel Apple Cider Pie - bethcakes.com

And then I made this Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie – you may recognize it from the gorgeous cover of Southern Living’s Thanksgiving issue. So pretty! The recipe has chopped pecans in the fudge filling, but I left them out and just topped the pie with the pecan halves. I also used store bought caramel sauce because I am lazy, and it was still delicious. Also, many people in the comments section said the pie wasn’t done after 35 minutes, so I baked mine for 45 and it was nice and fudgy on the inside. Omg, so good. You need to make this pie.

salted caramel chocolate pecan pie - bethcakes.com

3. Have you seen Catching Fire yet? I saw it last weekend, but I’m still blown away at how good it was. So well done. I thought the first movie was pretty good, but this one was much better. They made some slight changes, but nothing super noticeable and they hit all the major points, so I’m more than happy with it. The next movie I’m looking forward to is The Hobbit!

4. Let’s chat about tv shows real quick. I’m currently watching The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, Almost Human, The Agents of SHIELD, and Big Bang Theory. I’m super stoked for the mid season finale of The Walking Dead tonight, but I’m so nervous for the characters! HIMYM is good, but I think most people agree that it’s not the best season ever. Almost Human is fantastic so far. There have only been like 3 episodes, but I’m diggin’ that one. I really want to like Agents of SHIELD, but it is sooo slooowwww. And Big Bang is hilarious as always. I think the Thanksgiving episode was the best one so far this season.

Shows I need to catch up on – Once Upon a Time, Scandal, Revolution, and possibly Sleepy Hollow but that show terrifies me a little bit. Not that The Walking Dead doesn’t.

5. Yesterday was the Iron Bowl of all Iron Bowls and my Crimson Tide totally didn’t have their stuff together. It happens sometimes, though. I was more disappointed in how some of the Alabama fans were acting after Cade Foster, our kicker, missed multiple field goals. It was unfortunate, but omg, no need to threaten his life. Thankfully not all Bama fans are like that. Every team as their wacko fans, I guess.

Anyway, we made Yellow Hammers (pineapple juice, orange juice, dark rum, malibu rum, vodka, and cherries on top) and I don’t know how we have leftovers because that stuff is gooood. This is the recipe we used. Try it!

Yellow Hammers - bethcakes.com

Welp. That’s all I’ve got for today.

Have a wonderful first week of December!


  1. says

    I don’t know how it’s December already either – time is flying by! But this time of the year is my absolute favorite! Both of those pies came out gorgeous! And they sound so good .. is it bad that I would love a piece of either for breakfast??

  2. Jana says

    The pies were absolutely over the top AND the Yellow Hammers were the best part of Saturday for sure. Oh well, we’ll make them again for whatever bowl game we make it to! Love the post!

    • says

      I just started watching it. Have even gotten through the first season yet! I watched like 5 hours in a row when I first started watching it, though. haha :)

  3. says

    Those pies look amazing!! I saw Catching Fire this weekend too and I have to agree with you. It was so well done I want to go see it again. You need to catch up on Scandal soon. It is getting so good.

    • says

      Thanks! Yeah, I think I might have to go see Catching Fire again too! I have a ways to go on Scandal, haha. Only on season 1, but I love it!

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