Seagrove, Florida

This past weekend my family took a little trip to the beach! I wasn’t sure how it would be in November, but let me tell you – it was perfect! I’m one of those people who gets sunburned no matter how much sunscreen I use, no matter how often I put it on, no matter how high the SPF is, I. will. get. burned. So, while I really enjoy the gigantic family beach trips we usually take every summer, this weather was perfect. We sat out on the beach, it was nice and sunny, but it wasn’t hot at all. We only worked up a sweat after taking a walk on the beach in the afternoon sun, but there was a nice cool breeze when we were just sitting there taking in all in.

Like I mentioned, we have an annual beach trip with my dad’s side of the family and we’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. I so look forward to it every year! A lot of crazy things were going on earlier in the summer, and we never really took our huge beach trip. Plus my parents took me to New York for my graduation trip, so that sort of took the place of the beach. Not really complaining! But I’ve missed the beach and I’m so glad we finally found a weekend to squeeze it in.

My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous beach house in Seagrove, Florida. Like, someday I think I want an exact replica of it for myself. 🙂 Seagrove is within walking distance of Seaside, Florida, so it was fun to walk around all the cute shops and pretty houses. It’s also not too far of a drive to Destin or Panama City.

Today I just wanted to share some pictures I took during my little vacation. Most of them are from Instagram or were taken with my phone, but I was able to snap a few with my camera as well.


Perfect day for the beach!





My aunt and uncle’s beach house is in this cool jungle-y neighborhood! I love it.
Much better than some of the beach-front houses and condos that are two feet away from each other.


Uncle Mark’s famous “Mark-aritas”.


Sitting around the fire pit – s’more totally had to happen.

Palm trees in Seaside

Palm trees in Seaside


Not a super interesting picture, but there’s a really great market in Seaside. We stopped for
an afternoon snack one day, and went back for breakfast the morning we left. They have their
own brand of coffee that’s incredible, so we bought some and will somehow have
to make it last until the next time we can go!


There’s even a cute book store in Seaside. I saw it and thought, Yep, I could live here.

The canal behind my aunt and uncle's beach house!

The canal behind my aunt and uncle’s beach house!
This picture didn’t turn out as pretty as I wanted it to be, so here’s one from
the last time I was there, about a year ago. Lily pads everywhere!



These bushes were all over the place! We thought they were mulberries at first,
but after Googling them, I think these are Callicarpa bushes, also known as the American
Beautyberry. I don’t know much about plants and things, but I loved their pretty purple color!


And on a completely un-beachy note, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch on the way home,
and they had these HALF POUND REESE’S CUPS. Two half pound peanut butter cups in one pack.
Reese’s are my favorite candy ever, but I can’t believe these exist! Do people actually buy them?
I don’t understand.

Hopefully I’ll have some new recipes up this week! Also – you’ve probably noticed my new theme. I finally broke down and just bought a theme because I couldn’t find a free one that I really liked. So this one’s here to stay. I’m working on some customizations and a header/logo, but everything should look normal soon!

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